Small Groups


Life isn’t meant to do alone! We have several people at the Mezzanine who lead a small group. These groups are meant to be a place where you can connect with people of the same faith who share similar interests or life stages. No matter where you are at in life, there is a place where you can build relationships and increase your faith. Joining a group is a great next step to living life in community and building lasting friendships.

We are better together!


Lead by: Amanda Walker
Where? TBD
When? TBD
Contact info: (321) 576-4864
If you are a woman, you are sisterhood! Every woman is invited to meet p, have some fun, food, fellowship, worship and dig into the Word together as the women of Mezzanine! 


Leader(s): Jeremiah Anderson & Bruce Brett
Where? Ossorios in Cocoa Village
When? Mondays at 6pm
Contact info: (717) 421-1511
This is a men’s only group that meets every Monday. You will study the bible together while encouraging each other to be the man of God you are called to be. 


Leader(s): Darius Thomas & Hector Ulin
Where? Starbucks
When? Mondays at 7:30 pm
Contact info: (321) 506-2064
This is a men’s only group that will meet at your local coffee shop, fellowship together and dive deeper into the Word! 


Leader(s): Allyson Goolsby
Where? Allyson’s House
When? Every other Wednesday at 6:30 pm
Contact info: (321) 305-2767
A ladies only group that meets to go over chapters in the bible, hang out with other Mezz ladies, worship and fellowship! 


Leader(s): Garrett Portanova & Jake Huelle
Where? Denny’s in Merritt Island
When? Saturday at 9 am 
Contact info: (321) 482-7994 or (727) 710-3058
This men’s only group meets every Saturday to eat all of the bacon you can and dig into the word! 


Leader(s): John Carpenter & Killian Horne
Where? Cocoa Village
When? Fridays at 6 pm
Contact info: (407) 299-7916
This group will be going through the “Living In Freedom Everyday” book. The study is 10 weeks long and ends with a weekend Freedom retreat at East Coast! 


Leader(s): Rob Hathaway
Where? Cocoa Village
When? Thursdays at 6:30 pm
Contact info: (321) 213-0042
A men’s only group that will go through the book of Galatians, break it down and talk about how you are the new creation! After that, we will hang out, play some games, and enjoy the outdoors! 


Leader(s): Paris Herlocker
Where? TBD
When? Saturdays at 6 pm
Contact info: (321) 349-9347
A men’s only group that will be going over a chapter of the bible and growing in knowledge and wisdom of the Word! There will also be a time to grow in friendships and fellowship with each other! 


Leader(s): Scott Marion
Where? TBD
When?Thursdays at 6 pm
Contact info: (321) 446-0193
This will be a bible study based off of the devotional, “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman. Each week we will go through the study, break it down, and go over it together! 


Leader(s): Robert James
Where? Cocoa Village
When? Fridays at 7 pm
Contact info: (321) 806-7178
A men’s only group where you will deepen your connection with God, His church, and your purpose!